A meeting with the army

Post the chaos of the farmer beating we were all summoned to a meeting with the army we received a dressing down for our purported support for the opposition and their subsequent victory. We were told in no uncertain terms that we the remaining 200 white commercial farmers played a major role in training the MDC and financing their election campaign. We were told that we are over paying our labour. This we all do because the government gazetted wage of 2 US dollars per month is unrealistic. Apparently because we pay our labour a lot more than the gazetted amount as well as providing various foodstuffs this has been seen as an attempt at vote buying and providing excess money for alcohol which is what has lead to a violent campaign by our MDC supporting labour force and so on and so on.

We were also told that we voted for the MDC and Morgan and that if we wanted to live peacefully we should consider how we vote and who we support, when one of the farmers commented that most of us do not vote they replied that then we should tell our friends not to.

The army have removed the thugs from the seven farms that were invaded and have assured us that this will not happen again until after the presidential run off election. They have also said that the land grab( seven years on since it began) is not over (even though from the original 4200 white farmers there are only 200 left our forced removal still continues).
We were told that our tenure to a large extent relied on the outcome of the election and that if the election went in favour of the opposition they could not guarantee our safety or position. We are also told not approach the foreign media, saddcc, the EU, UN etc as they cannot help us here and it will not make things life easier for us.

It is so ridiculous that they place us in this position of power, being such a small largely reclusive group. How in Gods name could we truly influence such a large percentage of the population to vote for a new government and president? It becomes plain to see that the real objective is to get rid of as many whites as possible by insinuating we are the cause of the regimes demise however corrupt incompetent it may be.
I watch amazed and concerned the protest through the media of the crack down in Tibet by the Chinese government and yet there seems to be relatively little protest when the same Chinese government single handed keeps the genocidal regime of President Mugabe in power through financial and military support in return for limitless access to our countries resources.


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    Sad said,

    I’m so sorry to hear all this. What’s happening in Zimbabwe makes me so angry.

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