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A brief update of the situation here from some reliable sources

Farm invasions as of this weekend have flared in our area with local prominent thugs acting on behalf of Mugabe using hired crowds to try and intimidate farmers and their workers into leaving their farms without the option of removal of property.

The local police officer in charge has said he cannot react to help the farmers as this is politically motivated and they have been instructed to not get involved.

A neighbour of mine has had a crowd on his front lawn since 4 am today; lead by the manager of the governments local parastatal the Grain Marketing Board (GMB), despite the fact that there is a pending court case regarding his claim to the farm.

These situations are terrifying for any family as your life is at the mercy of a mob that is normally intoxicated so as to maximise their uninhibited ranting and antics.

As I write this letter the family are barricaded in their home with their pets awaiting the decision of our provincial governor as to whether or not the police should intervene or to leave another innocent family to the mercy of Mugabe’s lawless thugs.

Reports of brutal intimidation in the rural areas are rife. This includes mutilation, amputation, gauging of eyes, burning of crops and houses and killing of livestock. According to the people giving me this information this is all in retaliation for the loss of the election and aimed at terrifying the opposition support into not voting at all, or voting for Robert Mugabe.

A mutual friend of ours was told that the army would be coming to talk to his labour force, as they were now conducting the Mugabe’s campaign for the election re-run. Basically the message from Mugabe’s camp is if they lose again they will kill.

The general population is amazingly resilient and just hoping for a peaceful conclusion that will bring about change for the better and not be hijacked once again, by the current, inept regime that does not have a mandate to rule.

As one Zimbabwean said to me “where in the world do you win your football match by one goal and still have a penalty shoot out.”

As Mr Mbeki has said “there is no crisis in Zimbabwe”.


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